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2019 OLR Races Tracked

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tracked in 2019
(Updated - 3/27/20)

2019 OLR Breeders Tracked

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(Updated 3/26/20)

2018-2019 OLR Breeder Results

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2017-2019 OLR Breeder Results

Combined Results for 2017-2019!!!
(Updated 6/12/20)

Who We Are. What We Do

The OLR Stats website and information provided within is being provided by individuals who are passionate about pigeon racing generally and OLRs specifically. This is not a for-profit endeavor unless one counts the relationships and friendships that have been created through this effort – then it has been very profitable!

The OLR Stats has three goals by providing this information regarding OLRs in the United States to breeders throughout the world:  (1) transparency; (2) recognition and (3) fun/enjoyment.  

If you see errors or omissions please do not hesitate to contact us!